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Step 1 – Consultation & Planning:

Digital content production is a two way process and we want to work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver above and beyond what they expect from our services. We like to meet, drink a coffee and quickly set about understanding exactly what you’re trying to communicate and who your target audience is.

Step 2 – Production:

Using fancy-pants cameras and bags of gadgets we have all the equipment and expertise to capture stunning footage in full 4k and HD. Whether shooting a carefully scripted narrative or responding to unpredictable events we bring our videos to life with subtle pieces of visual trickery to ensure dynamic and stimulating imagery.

Step 3 – Post Production & Editing:

This is where we add the secret ingredients and create bespoke content, tailored to your requirements. We ensure all of the visual elements are in keeping with your existing branding and support your identity, from simple logos to stunning animated graphics and typography.

We can be involved as much or as little as you need. Give us a brief and we will deliver, give us a concept and we will help you bring it to life. We’re here to help, every step of the way.


We create captivating videos to engage your target audience across social media channels, and will make sure your call to action is heard loud and clear. Whether it’s producing a promotional piece for your business or event, or creating content on the day to get trending, we’ll get your audience’s attention. More often than not, marketing begins well before the event, before the stage is set and the exhibition installed. That’s okay, as long as we understand what you want to achieve, we only need a few ingredients to make it happen. Take this teaser produced for The Oresteia theatre production at HOME Mcr, which needed to go out before the cast had even stepped in the theatre. They had the script and the theme, we had a camera, microphone and ideas. Shot in muted colours with hypnotic narration and added detail through bold captions the audience can identify the tone of the play and the key themes, with a clear call to action in just 37 seconds.


Adding video content to your website will help put it on a search engine’s map, and – if we do say so ourselves – it is the best way to maintain visitor attention and get your message across. A website offers an ideal platform to host videos that incorporate interviews and longer narrations, and complemented by stunning imagery, videos leave a lasting impression, delivering a wealth of information in an easily accessible way. For the University of Manchester, we produced a series of student recruitment videos that focused on key messages delivered by influential figures. Use of various locations allows prospective students further insight into the environment offered by the University of Manchester, all beautifully tied together with drone footage.


We love storytelling, especially short stories, that can be retold and shared. We look to tell a story in every film we make, whether 15 seconds or 30 minutes, stories that deserve consideration and contemplation. Our first official documentary commission since we became ShortForm was for the film called The Movement. This short doc is an observational, conversational, flowing perspective into lives of regular people that use dance and flow as a device to constantly bring them back to the simplicity of movement. They dance to help others, to help themselves, to overcome the struggles of life, or to simply move in a meditative state. The movement will be screening in June 2018. If you have a documentary idea that can boost your brand or just inspire your audience, let us know.


Our shelves are filled with the equipment we use on our daily shoots. These include the latest UHD cameras and a collection of well sexy prime and zoom lenses. This means that we are ready to shoot at pretty much anytime. Now, for the “out-of-the-ordinary” projects, we also have access to advanced state-of-the-art, cinema-grade equipment. So, just let us know what you need and we’ll make sure we have the correct gear for your project.