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Wildlife Showreel

The last couple of years were amazing for us in ShortForm. We worked with TV channels, universities and museums creating some great wildlife content. We've been around England, Scotland, Brazil and Costa Rica making ridiculously pretty images. Can't wait to go on our next wildlife mission.



A short film by Alex Mannion-Jones. Deported follows the arrival of Gabriel, a recent deportee from the US, to the city of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. The film relates the experiences of several real-life deportees through the story of the protagonist and his search for a means to connect with his family back home in the US.


Pulse of Water

Shot in the amazing Brazilian Pantanal in 17 days with a Canon 70D and loads of DIY gadgets. Pulse of water was Pedro's University of Salford's MA of Wildlife documentary production Final film.