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Dave is creative and adventurous, with almost 10 years experience working internationally before coming home to the north of England. He rarely sits down, thrives in challenging situations and loves to get out and do stuff.



Pedro moved to the UK from Brazil in search of a role that would allow him to make the most out of his sharp eye for a great shot. He has certainly found that and is now making waves on both sides of the pond with his immaculate cinematography. His specialty is wildlife/nature documentaries where he takes advantage of his previous experiences as a wildlife veterinarian in South America.


Ellie is a passionate, creative and determined producer. She has an incredible ability to instantly come up with original ideas that work and will take a simple brief through to production at lightning speed


Alex is not your average director and often dabbles in a wide range of creative persuits, from wet plate photography to immersive theatre productions. He makes friends wherever he goes and knows exactly how to turn a potentially dull brief into something exquisite.